Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well...I'm back!! My daughter Melissa just gave me a helping hand :)
I feel like I've been missing out in the Blogger world!!
I've still got a lot to learn and I must admit I'm not the best at doing this sort of writing,in fact I will probably just bombared you all with photos!
If you are looking at my Blog for the first time then let me introduce myself.....
I'm a mum of two,(daughter Melissa ^ who is now 18!! and my son Fenn 14.) I was brought up in Co.Durham,went to College to study Ceramics,Fashion Design,Photography,Art & Screen printing for two years,then I moved to North Yorkshire to live with one of my two sisters where I worked in a cafe for many years & also got a job working with horses.(yes I couldn't decide what I liked best at College!)
Along came Milly & Fenn,many boyfriends who were a waste of space,then eventually I met the perfect bloke Simon!!...(only took me about 37years to meet Mr Right!) ..and we moved in together & live in Merseyside.I miss North Yorkshire like crazy & we hope to move back there when Fenn leaves school :)
Ive been into Rockabilly/Rock n Roll for many years,with thanks to my sister Melanie & her love of the era. I think I was about 18 when I attended my first weekender 'Hemsby' and I was hooked after it :)
Me on my wedding day & my sisters,Melanie & Mandy.
My daughter,Si's son Aaron,Fenn at the front,Charlie my nephew at the back,and one of me my neice's Sophie. August 2010.

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  1. Welcome to blog land.Love the layout.Looking forward to more posts.xx